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Autumn Farms,
All natural farming

At the heart of all Chil products is the highest quality, pesticide free, sun-grown cannabis flower possible. Procured from one location – Autumn Brands Farm, a boutique, family-owned farm in Santa Barbara, CA – Chil cannabis is one of the purest on the market today.

Origin is important.  How and where a plant was grown can significantly impact the quality of our consumers’ experience. It is essential that we source our cannabis from a producer that shares our vision of consistent quality, authenticity, health and wellness, as well as environmental awareness.

Among the innovations that maintain the pristine quality of our cannabis is Autumn Brands customized indoor grow culture that still offers plants gentle and controlled exposure to the sun, an integrated pest management system that uses beneficial insects – not pesticides – to protect the crop, as well as environmentally-conscious farming techniques such as closed-loop watering systems to reduce water waste.

Today, more than ever, it’s important to know the source of your cannabis products. Chil clients demand the highest quality in the products they use. And we are committed to meeting and exceeding your highest expectations.