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Purple Punch / Grape Soda


Relief Calm

Aroma Skunky and pungent with grape undertones

Taste Earthy with hints of grape


0.5g 400mg

1g 800mg



What is Purple Punch / Grape Soda?

Like floating on a grape-flavored cloud in the sky, Purple Punch / Grape Soda is a wonderfully fruity strain that offers the fuzzy body high only found in topshelf indicas. Perfect for a lazy Sunday or an early night’s rest, Purple Punch / Grape Soda leaves you in a blissful state that’s perfect for managing pain, insomnia, or just plain boredom.

Many patients compare Purple’s muscle relaxing effects to a profound sensation of being “deboned”, this is due to the strain’s high THC and myrcene content. It has a signature purple hue and skunky grape aroma.

Get ready for the feel-good potent grape knockout that follows every hit of Purple Punch / Grape Soda. This Indica dominant strain will have your taste buds against the ropes, chil’n you first between the eyes and then working its way down your limbs.


A combination of frozen grape slushy and a berry filled donut, Purple Punch / Grape Soda is a deliciously decadent choice, even if you haven’t had your supper.