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Mandarin Haze


Social Focus

Aroma Citrus and spice

Taste Pungent with mandarin undertones


0.5g 400mg

1g 800mg



What is Mandarin Haze?

Like a tall refreshing glass of orange juice, Mandarin Haze is a great way to jumpstart creativity or elevate a lazy Sunday. This powerful sativa hybrid, complete with freshly squeezed undertones, delivers an uplifting and insightful high with little cognitive impairment, making it a great choice for those looking to microdose.

Haze, aka the “grandaddy” of Mandarin Haze, first took root in Santa Cruz during the late 60’s and early 70’s thanks to the “Haze Brothers” (R. Haze and J. Haze), who were experimenting with crossing tropicals strains from Mexico, India, Colombia, and Thailand for outdoor cultivation on the California coast. It quickly grew to fame as one of the world’s finest and most potent cannabis strains, but proved to be a demanding mistress. Preferring to grow naturally in tropical climates, Haze plants take longer than most varietals to reach full maturity. This gives the strain its incredible potency, but also makes it exceptionally hard to grow and harvest. By the late 70’s, federal drug enforcement programs made the large-scale production of long-flowering outdoor strains nearly impossible and forced many warm weather growers to take sanctuary in Amsterdam. David Watson is credited with taking Haze seed to The Netherlands, helping to spark the soon-to-be Dutch cannabis craze.

Today, strains like Mandarin Haze continue to share a piece of cannabis history while being on the forefront of cannabis’ future as legalization continues to grow. And what better way to celebrate today than with a puff of Chil’s Mandarin Haze premium cartridges. Cheers!


Mandarin Haze is a great option for microdosing. In small amounts, this strain can help sharpen, rather than dull the senses, and promotes creativity.