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Fire OG


Social Relief Calm

Aroma citrus with hints of pine and earth

Taste sweety and floral with tart undertones


0.5g 400mg

1g 800mg



What is Fire OG?

Potent, good looking, great smelling with an even better taste—it’s no wonder Fire OG has dominated California’s cannabis scene for more than 15 years. Preferred by those looking for the heaviest high around, this legendary strain is loved far and wide for its ability to relieve anxiety and stress with its uplifting euphoria.

Fire OG achieved mythic status in the early 2000’s after receiving constant praise from Snoop Dogg and the hip-hop community. In spite of its popularity and history, OGK’s genetic origins still remain a mystery; most believe it was transplanted from Florida to California. This mysterious marijuana’s roots run even deeper with many debating whether OG is a reference to its “ocean-grown” roots or a nod to Dr. Dre and all of the other “original gangsters” who love it.

The high from this Kush is more cerebral than physical, intensifying colors and social interactions. A great choice for parties, video game marathons, and moments of intimacy (wink). Enjoy the energizing and uplifting effects of the “original ocean-grown gangster” with Chil’s Fire OG premium cartridges.


During the height of its fame in the early 2000’s, one pound of Fire OG could fetch up to $8K on the streets of Los Angeles.