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Una Mas and Chil Collaborate To Present Cannabis Infused Mocktails

October 9, 2020 Chilled Article Link

Chil and UNA MAS Los Angeles have teamed up together to launch a product that gives a new name to the cannabis edible experience.

Chil Mixers launched back in June, are a line of powder-based infusions for your favorite drinks. UNA MAS is a drink powerhouse that is behind many of the LA hotspots. They recently opened the US’ first legal cannabis driven café.Watermelon Mixer with CBD & THC

With many people looking for alcohol replacements such as Kombucha, Chil and UNA MAS saw an opportunity to work together, providing mocktails for their consumers.

UNA MAS Margarita with Chil MIxers

UNA MAS mixologists have created unique recipes mixed with Chil Mixers, the cannabis-infused powders. Ana Hory, CEO of Chil, said, “Chil Mixers are a versatile cannabis-infused powder mix with countless ways to enjoy them and the team at UNA MAS were the right partners to demonstrate the most creative and savory ways to imbibe.”

Baked Salt Chocolate Coffee

Chil Mixers are available for purchase in dispensaries throughout California. Containing less than 2g of sugar and 10 calories, the cannabis drink comes in three flavors:

  • Bud Naked (Unflavored) containing 10 mg of THC
  • Lemon containing 10 mg of THC
  • Watermelon containing 5 mg of CBD and 5 mg of THC

Pouring Lemon Mixer

More flavors are to come. The limited-edition powders were created for a natural and tasteless way to consume the highest quality of THC. “I know my liver, as well as everyone else’s in quarantine, needs a break, let’s get these ​Chil ​mocktails flowing!,” added Conrad Pratt, Founder, and Chief Mixologist, Una Mas Cocktails.