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Chil Mixers Pioneers Water-Soluble Cannabis Powder Than Can Infuse Any Beverage, Creating a New Edibles Experience

June 29, 2020 Respect My Region Article Link

Chil Mixers is a new line of cannabis edibles that provides the benefits of cannabis in an easy-to-use dissolvable powder that enhances any beverage. They’re making their market debut in select California dispensaries and via delivery July 1st.

With the ongoing effects of legalization in states such as California, consumers are looking for new and inventive ways to consume cannabis. Many products such as edibles and vapes remove the stigma surrounding the skunky smell of smoking flower.

By creating an easily accessible and alternative way to consume cannabis, Chil Mixers is looking to provide a new experience. In many ways, they’re taking the culture of drinking and revamping it in the name of cannabis. Their mixers come in three flavor variants: Watermelon (5mg THC/5mg CBD;) Lemon (10 mg THC,) and a flavorless formula appropriately called Bud Naked (10 mg THC.)

How To Use Chil Mixers

The exciting aspect of Chil Mixers is that it opens the door to creating your own favorite infused beverage. Any fan of mixing their own cocktails at home will find enjoyment in creating “mocktails” with any of the flavors Chil Mixers currently offers. Try making a virgin Mojito, Bloody Mary, or Cosmopolitan with one of their mixers. The results might be pleasantly calming and relaxing in a way that rivals your favorite alcoholic beverage.

Simply adding a packet of their water-soluble cannabis powder to your morning tea might give you a jumpstart to your day. Especially if you go with the Lemon flavor that has 10mg of THC in it. The subtle lemony flavor will perk up your mood and potentially put a smile on your face.

Mixing the Watermelon flavor that has 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD into your soda or juice for lunch might take some of the edge off. The lower THC and presence of CBD will make any psychoactive effects less intense, while still promoting anti-inflammatory effects. 

Lastly, the options are limitless when it comes to their Bud Naked flavor. With no flavoring and 10mg of THC, you can add it to literally anything. You could take a glass of water, throw some ice cubes in, a splash of lime juice, and your Chil Mixer, and voila. A simple, slightly tart beverage for your afternoon. Alternatively, you can mix it with lime juice, simple syrup, and some ginger beer to create a non-alcoholic Moscow Mule that might kick off your evening in style.

IG Live Happy Hour July 9th at 6:30pm

To celebrate the launch of Chil Mixers into California’s cannabis market, they’ll be hosting a special virtual happy hour event. This coming July 9th at 6:30pm PST, tune in to Chil’s Instagram page for an exclusive Livestream. One of their favorite mixologists, Conrad K. Pratt, founder and chief mixologist of UNA MAS Cocktails will be showcasing different and innovative ways to utilize Chil Mixers. 

Imagine a future where bars offer cannabis-infused alternatives to classic cocktails. Chil Mixers is paving the way for a new sector of cannabis edibles that simply ask you to Rip. Mix. Chil. Join them on July 9th to learn more about California’s newest and most versatile cannabis edible. #LifeIsBetterWhenYouChil.

Chil Mixers Unboxing

*Forgive my poor bartending terminology, it’s a cocktail shaker, not a mixer. Also, the Live Stream is July 9th (not the 8th) and the product hits the market July 1st.