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9 Cannabis Edibles, Drinkables, and Mixers to Beat the Summer Heat

July 15, 2020 Leafly Article Link

2020 is on track to be one of the balmiest years ever recorded and cannabis remains an essential business across the states as we transition into summer. Research suggests a new wave of customers are ready for a cannabis experience and, according to industry leaders, they want something easy, and they want something fast.

“I knew 2020 would be the year of the beverage,” says Austin Stevenson, chief innovation officer of Vertosa, in Oakland, CA. The company comes up with the chemistry behind crazy futuristic weed products from Somatik, Artet, and NUG. The poor consistency, chaotic dosing, and “grassy” taste of cannabis drinks are a thing of the past.

So why smoke in the heat when you can get the dose you want in a thirst-quenching canna-beverage? Leafly has compiled a list of the best products to beat the heat and bask in the rays.

Chil. mixers

If the creators of Kool-Aid only knew how far their product would come…then they would know about “chil.” mixers, the most recent launch of the list. Designed for discreet, consistent, and versatile dosing, the mixers allow cannabis users to add a 10 mg THC or 1:1 with CBD sachet to any water-based drink, hot or cold. Their flavorless dissolving mixable, “Bud Naked” can be also added to food ready to eat or cooked with. Available in California.

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