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it all started
with a cookie…

The Feel Good AlternativeTM

Our Story

Ever used an extension cord to hold up your pants? Wear mismatched shoes? Pack your wife’s blow dryer for a two-day business trip – solo?

I did. It was the cookie’s fault.

Here’s what happened: I was looking for a “healthier” way to relax. So I tried a cannabis cookie instead of a glass of wine. I was unaware that cookie contained enough THC to send me to the moon!

That little cookie made me so dizzy I packed a suitcase full of completely useless items. Extension cords make lousy belts by the way.

I can laugh about it now. But on the flight home the next day, I realized there was an opportunity to create high-quality cannabis products people could trust. There had to be a better way! I became determined to build a company that would get it right.

Which brings me to Chil.

Chil is a brand of cannabis products you can rely on to deliver a consistently enjoyable experience.

With Chil, there are no surprises. Chil is the result of years of hard work to:

  • Recruit the industry’s leading experts to make our high-quality edibles and vaping products
  • Source the best quality THC/CBD
  • Use as many natural ingredients as we can in all our products – from flavor to color
  • Create products that deliver a consistent enjoyable experience you can count on

We make trusted products that bring enjoyment and relief to people. Quality you feel.

So whether you’re looking to chil out with friends, seek pain relief, or just feel good without the negative side effects, we know you’ll enjoy our reliably delicious products. signature

– Kevin Dean