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Chil Mixers

Infuse your Chil


If you don’t have an hour for your edibles to take effect, get there 2-3X faster* with Chil Mixers™. Get your chil on in just 15-20 minutes. Whether you are mixing them in drink, on your tongue, or in a recipe, our THC and CBD infusions deliver fun, relaxation, and relief in a delicious and discreet stick pack in no time at all.

Try our “Bud Naked” unflavored mixer to add into any beverage or recipe.

Single Packs

Ten Packs

Pure ingredients


With an infused-flavor experience, Chil set out to create a mixer using only all-natural ingredients that tastes amazing and could be used almost anywhere. Our patented process involves the encapsulation of the bio-activities in a way that preserves their essence and potency. We protect the vital parts of the cannabis plant while transforming them into a form that tastes great. Go ahead and pour one on your tongue or mix it into your favorite drink or recipe. There’s nothing out there quite like them.

Chil Mixers™ – where science and flavor intersect.

*Company-based research, average result, after full product consumption. Results may vary from person to person

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