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Chil Mixers

Rip. Mix. Chil.

From water bottles to mocktails or your evening tea, our CBD and THC infusions deliver fun, relaxation or relief in a delicious and discreet stick pack.  Just mix into 10 to 12 oz of water or your favorite beverage, and chil!

Want unflavored? Try our “Bud Naked” unflavored mixer with your favorite beverage or recipes.

Pure ingredients

With an infused-flavor experience

Chil set out to create a mixer with all-natural ingredients that tastes amazing,  just like spa water infused with real fruit.  Our patented process involves the encapsulation of bio-actives in a way that preserves their essence and potencies. It protects the vital parts of the cannabis plant while transforming them into a form that mixes effortlessly with your favorite drink or recipe and can produce a Chil sensation in as little as 15-20 minutes*.

Chil Mixers are where science and flavor intersect.  We hope you love it!

Recipes coming soon!