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About Pure Live Resin

100% pure live resin — No compromising with added distillate!

Our Pure Live Resin starts by harvesting indoor grown cannabis when terpenes and cannabinoids are at their peak.  We immediately vacuum seal and freeze it at -380 F to preserve freshness.  A three-step extraction and refining process protects the cannabinoids and terpenes until we seal them into our specially designed vape cartridge.  With your first inhale, you will enjoy the experience of the highest quality Full-Spectrum Pure Live Resin on the market.

For people who enjoy a higher experience

Many vape carts labeled “live resin” seem to have more distillate in them than actual live resin.  There’s no test to validate this, and we get it, distillate is far less costly to produce.  So, take your first pull on a  live resin Chil cart and decide for yourself how much a “pure” full plant live resin experience is worth.  We know you’ll figure it out. Bottom line, our Pure Live Resin carts are just that—PURE–no added distillate – EVER!  And we back up the quality with a 10-day no-questions asked money-back guarantee.  Pure Satisfaction.

Enjoy the difference!