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We started over and built our own
premium cartridge.

We spent almost a year perfecting the world’s best vapor cartridge. Working with a few leading vape technology labs, we developed a chil custom cartridge that delivers an exquisitely consistent taste and experience.

We reconsidered every aspect of the vaping experience. Other brands use cheap wicks and inferior materials that burn hot, restrict airflow and produce an unpleasant taste. Chil only uses high-quality ceramic wicks that distribute the heat and increase the flavor and experience from the first hit to the last.

Our expanded airflow design increases the flow of cool air through the wick, cartridge, and mouthpiece. Cooler air helps increase flavor intensity and is easier on your throat and lungs. You will taste and feel the Chil difference.

Lastly, our unique, adjustable battery design enables you to customize your experience. When the battery is on low, it’s perfect for newcomers or just mellowing out. On high, you will experience a big hit without the harshness or burning found with other cartridges.

And it’s a powerhouse. Our battery will typically last through two one gram cartridges before you ever need to recharge.

More power. More flavor. More feel good. Life’s better when you chil!

The science

Chil is based on superior science. Our consulting scientist is Dr. Jeffrey Raber, a Ph.D. in chemistry from University of Southern California and a world-renowned expert on cannabis. Creating and replicating unique terpene profiles is Dr. Raber’s specialty.

Under Dr. Raber’s guidance, we start with the California’s premier farmers – high-quality craft producers. Our growers utilize sustainable growing techniques and small batch outputs to bring out the best quality of every plant. Our raw materials are tested twice to ensure they meet the highest standards. Chil oil is always solventless, free of pesticides and any residual plant materials. Our distillation process increases potency, clarity and preserves the fragile, but all-important terpenes. The end result? Products that taste exquisite and deliver the quintessential Chil experience