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How the chil
battery works

After we developed the cartridge, it was so potent that we needed to develop a battery that was adjustable.

Steps to adjust the voltage:

Step 1:
Using your chil

Screw the cartridge on to the chil battery until finger tight

5 quick clicks to turn the device on/off

Press and hold the activation button while drawing air through the mouthpiece. A 3 second draw will deliver about 6 mg of THC on high power

Step 2:
Vapor Output

Your chil battery is set to high power as the default. The higher the power, the higher the THC output.

To adjust:

While battery is powered on, click the power button 3 times to enter power mode (a light will flash).

Now select the power level: Click the power button to move between different power levels. The light nearest to the power button is high power, middle is medium, and the bottom is low.

IMPORTANT: Hold the power button down for 2 seconds to save your power selection and to exit this mode. You’ve now dialed-in your chil!

Step 3:
Recharge your

When the battery is low, the LEDs will flash 10 times when the activation button is pressed

Charge the battery by using the included USB to Micro-USB charging cable:

a. Plug USB end into USB charging port and Micro-USB end into the bottom of the battery

b. When first plugged in to power source, all 3 lights will flash 4 times

c. While charging, all 3 lights will cycle. Once fully charged, all 3 lights will remain lit

Electrical Specification

cartridge care:
Make sure to keep the unit upright and keep it cool.