Slap Stylus Fashion Bracelet - Large (7.5 Inch)

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The Slap Stylus serves as a fully functional stylus pen and a cool slap bracelet all at once. Simply slap around your wrist or the strap of a bag so it's easily accessible. Custom designed with our own embedded patterns and vibrant colors, the wearable stylus is the perfect mix of form and fashion. The Slap Stylus is the ideal stylus pen for the avid tablet and smartphone user who is on the go.

  • Rigid when in stylus mode and operates as a first-class stylus on all capacitive touch screen devices.
  • Ideal smartphone stylus
  • Universal stylus that will function with capacitive touchscreens
  • Capacitive stylus and pen for note taking or drawing
  • Ideal tablet stylus for iPad, iPad Mini, Galaxy Note and tablets and Nexus tablets
  • Constructed of a high-grade silicone and covered with an anti-dust coating giving it a soft, luxurious, and textured feel. 
  • Backside indent track allows for airflow and reduced friction.
  • Comes with two replacement stylus tips
  • Available in several attractive colors

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