PowerShare Reactor 5.1 Amp Multi-Device Charger

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PowerShare Reactor - The Charging Station for Your Smartphones and Tablets!

The PowerShare Reactor multi device charger is a 4-port USB universal charging station that provides 5.1 Amps of power and surge protection to your iPhone, iPad, smartphones or tablets. With a sleek exterior for your desktop, it quickly charges your devices and looks great doing it! The reactor even provides storage for cables inside its silicone sleeve and stays eco-friendly by preventing vampire drain. Makes the perfect one-stop charging station for a family with multiple devices.


• Three (3) 1.0 Amp USB Smartphone / iPhone / iPod charging ports 

• One (1) 2.1 Amp USB Tablet / iPad charger station

• Surge Protection for your precious mobile devices

• Multi charger station prevents "vampire drain" of energy when no devices are charging, saving energy and money

• Saves valuable outlet space with multiple usb charging capacity

• High-grade silicone tower is coated so that it limits the collection of dust 

• Power cord tucks into the bottom of our multidevice charger station (cable management) for easy storage 

• Lightweight and portable makes it an easy travel companion

• Perfect for keeping all of your gadgets charged in one location

PowerShare Reactor User Guide

Tech Specs:

• Input: 100 - 240V ~ 0.8A, 50/60Hz

• Output: 5.0V = 5.1A

• Power Cord Length: 51 inches from plug to PowerShare Reactor body

*iPhone, iPad and Cables not included


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